The brilliance of Shiraz comes at once in its scope as well as in its timelessness as a historical document. At first glance, the film is as awe-inspiring a romance/fantasy as anything ever made during this time period. Featuring a new score from beloved artist Anoushka Shanka, Shiraz is a grand epic that features gorgeous production design and direction that has an effortlessness and a scope that’s unlike anything from this time period.

by Joshua Brunsting Criterioncast

I’ll never forget the first time I saw “Shiraz,” and if you take a chance and take in this gorgeous silent extravaganza, a landmark of Indian cinema, you will surely feel the same.

by Kenneth Turan Los Angeles Times

Shiraz,’ a Silent Spectacle of India, Returns

by J. Hoberman The New York Times

A startlingly ambitious epic.

by Peter Bradshaw The Guardian

Gasp inducing.

by Nigel Andrews The Financial Times

An epic sweeping love story.

by Jason Solomons